Moving Forward

Recently my comments appeared in the Liverpool City Champion. The article, Outgoing boss gets rise to $200,000 plus by Ilona Marchetta published on 14 May 2008, regarding Council administrator Gabrielle Kibble’s annual salary.


I’ve submitted further comments regarding that article and the issue of Mrs Kibble’s salary and her role to The Liverpool City Champion and posted them below.


I stand by my comment that we have to pay for qualified people, especially those with the expertise required. What would we be able to do if we didn’t have the financials of Liverpool sorted out? The Macquarie/Oasis situation needed to be addressed, now that is done (or at least underway) the elected council can make the decisions necessary to get our community up and running. We have some clever people here in Liverpool but how many people do we have that could have done the negotiating that was required. Thanks Mrs Kibble, I may not agree with everything you’ve done but at least you’ve paved the way for a new council. We are looking forward to having our Council back, now we need the citizens of Liverpool to make clear choices, not just tick one box allowing others (party officials) to decide who our councilors are. Take a close look at those of us who are running and as a voter decide who you would like to be making decisions so we don’t end up in the same place in another 8-12years… remember as councilors we live here too, what happens in Liverpool is important to us as individuals just as it is to the rest of the community. Elect People who are passionate and willing to do the things that are best for Liverpool as a whole not just special interest groups or those with an agenda of their own.


When it all comes out in the wash we can get on with the business of running Liverpool for the betterment of the whole community, making decisions about Collingwood and local issue with out having the Macquarie/Oasis hanging over our heads.


What is important to me now is that we acknowledge the past, and Mrs Kibble’s efforts at rectifying Liverpool City Council’s situation and move very quickly on to focus on new representation and the candidates for the upcoming election. I maintain that a forward focus and highly anticipate a return to an elected council as a member of this community. And I believe that we will succeed by electing councilors with a passion for this community, a desire to see it flourish into the future, no hidden agendas and who are able to separate the needs of our community from party politics.


Let’s not dwell on the mistakes of the past when it is our power to move forward into the future and build a community together.


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